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Increase the value of your product by tokenization

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What is it about?

Defi is already a multi-billion dollar industry but investors are so far largely locked out of this new ecosystem. BCP Labs creates token business plans that allow entrepreneurs to interact with investors through digital assets on the blockchain. 

Fundraising by tokens

Make your fans, followers, and business partners become an investor in your solution

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An STO is a tokenized IPO in form of digital bonds on the blockchain


A DAO token is the easiest way to give governance and profits to thousands of people.


An NFT offering is a simple way, to raise funds by selling digital items to your followers.

BCP Labs on facts.


Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Estonia, Dubai, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore and  Thailand


Tokenization, phygital products, NFT's, DAO and  venture building 

+113 MIO EUR fundraising

Equity Rounds, Security Token, Utility Token and NFT's

2017 founded in Berlin

More than 6 years of Web 3 know how

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