The largest Digital Marketing Conference in Europe with over 40,000 visitors form 91 countries


🌐💡 hosted us at DMEXCO – Digital Marketing Expo & Conference 23 with attendees from a whopping 91 different nations. It was a fascinating combination of web2 and web3 digital marketing trends.

Key players from the German Blockchain Ecosystem, we were glad to meet:

✦ Switzerland goes to Germany by CV Labs, the rapidly growing Venture Capital Fund represented by Ulrike Lierow-Schad.

Sebastian Becker from thebrainbehind GmbH and Bundesblock.

✦ Tokenised digital assets Made in Germany by Nele Wollert from Cashlink.

Fabian Braches from Kanzlei EINS® , Founder of metasprung®, our new law firm partner for tokenisation and web3 trademark rights.

Lukas Fiedler, Founder of the famous Blockmagazin.

Max Mainitz, Germany’s popular custodian Tangany.

✦, which hosted the Web3 Vision, was impactful with their co-founders, André KanyaTim KedingHenrik Bredenbals, and Vicktoria Klich, who was a great host.

🙏 Thanks to all attendees for the great sessions, and we look forward to coming back for #DMEXCO24! 🚀👥

Frank TischlerNiklas ReichertFabian FrickePaul GärtnerLukas Weniger

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BCP Labs @Blockchain in Use Conference 2023

🌐 Exciting BerChain Member Contributions at the Blockchain in Use Conference! 🚀

We’re thrilled to showcase our members’ impactful presentations at the upcoming Blockchain In Use Conference, part of the Berlin Blockchain Week. Here’s what our experts have in store for you:

🔹 Rafael Schultz from BCP Labs will lead discussions on the future of finance in the FinTech Track, exploring the pivotal role of blockchain.

🔹 Zoé Meckbach from Phala Network will introduce us to the fascinating world of Phat Contracts.

🔹 Torsten Dahmen from E.ON Innovation (from E.ON) will deliver a keynote on “Why the Energy Sector Needs a Zero Trust Environment.” Discover how this innovative approach can redefine the energy landscape.

🔹 Santino Wagner from Chaineducation Labs GmbH will guide discussions in the Scaling Up Track, addressing critical issues in blockchain adoption and the blockchain trilemma.

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DoxyChain Joins AWS B2B SaaS Acceleration Program

DoxyChain Joins AWS B2B SaaS Acceleration Program

🔊 Exciting News

We are thrilled to join the Amazon Web Services (AWS) B2B SaaS Acceleration Program, powered by Vestbee! 💪

Can’t wait to meet the experts deeply embedded in the startup ecosystem, participate in the technical workshops and leverage our growth 🚀

Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming #DemoDay, where we’ll be showcasing DoxyChain to a wider audience and potential investors 📽




Recent Successes of DoxyChain: The Future of Document Management on the Blockchain

CV VC’s portfolio of blockchain startups is showcasing that blockchain is more than just speculation. Our 35+ portfolio startups all show the utility of their blockchain use cases, including DoxyChain, Pravica, Blocksport, and Revix. Here are their recent successes: 👉 Self Sovereign Identity – Vereign AG | Verifiable and Sovereign is working with DAASI International on the @Gaia-X project to build an SSI ecosystem to drive the European data economy of tomorrow. Their tokenized shares recently became available on Aktionariat AG. 👉 Work 3.0, The New Era – DoxyChain announced a €2.2m raise to become the first-choice blockchain infrastructure for document management connecting Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Pravica, the Web3-based messaging app for both individuals and enterprises announces the launch of its most recent version, Pravica CLUB. 👉 The future of sports engagement – Blocksport is shaping the future for sports fans and has added Kenya’s Rugby Union and the Bulgarian Football Federation 👉 Modern Day Investing – Revix, a gamified investment platform for the everyday investor and professional investors alike, has designed and integrated an anti-money laundering compliance system and is currently partnering with Africa’s largest bank – in the issuance of thematic Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) to be listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). CV VC’s portfolio of blockchain startups can be found at Find out how to invest in early-stage blockchain startups alongside CV VC with our Venture Capital T4T AMC: Mathias Ruch, Olaf Hannemann, Florian Kohler, Ruth Salvisberg, Lukas Etter, Julien P., Danny Rowshandel, David Long, Bastian Wetzel, Sita Chopra, Tracy Trachsler, Nicolai Reinbold, Fabiola Luna Huerta 鲁娜, Janis Aguilar, Loris Di Minico, Isabel Verheggen, Triona Mc Hale, Pascal Ihle, Wesley Patrick, Claire Millward, Gideon Greaves, Brenton Naicker, Stacey Rethman, Ulrike Lierow-Schad #blockchain #blockchaincommunity #ecosystem #crypto #cryptovalley #vc #venturecapital #startups #networking #funding #seedfunding #seedcapital #invest #investment



Blockmagazin, Bitwala, DoxyChain, and Maxonrow: BCP Labs Perspective on Blockchain Venture Building

Special Thx to the team of PIABO PR and the Tilo Bonow 博蒂洛 for the local Berlin Blockchain ecosystem deep-dive. After 3 years of blockchain venture building, it’s great to see the publication of Blockmagazin by Lukas Fiedler. The market is full of opportunities and we are looking forward to seeing more stories about unicorns like Bitwala in Berlin, DoxyChain in Warsaw, and Maxonrow in Singapore. #decentralized #blockchain #fintech #legatech #healthcare


Lisbon Blockchain Week and Web Summit 2022 Recap: Food, Friends, and Fun

Lisbon Blockchain Week and Web Summit 2022 Recap: Food, Friends, and Fun

The Lisbon #blockchainweek and the #websummit2022 have been amazing! 🔥
After meeting many new and old friends, we took the chance to invite our closest partners to enjoy the incredible food of Go A Lisboa while having a fantastic view. 🤝 😋 🌴

Thanks to the co-hosts BCP LabsOpenQ, and all our guests!! ❤

Riccardo LamannaRafael SchultzAngélica PinzónColin MoodyJan-Philip GrabsStephan BeutlerMalte SchönfeldDawid RylskiAnsgar BosseLouis BauerIlya AbugovFederico RuosiDaniel M.Charlie BolesYang TranSam HalleneArchie Whitford

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InvoiceMate Q1-2023

The year 2023 has started with phenomenal successes for InvoiceMate. Our goal for the year 2023 is to enable financial inclusion. We share this goal with not only the regional economies but also with the global economy and the United Nations. The first quarter of 2023 has been quite a happening period in terms of progress towards our goal. We continued making new partners and strengthening the existing partnerships. We touched new shores, we explored new avenues to expand our horizons. The Middle East in general and Pakistan, in particular, have been the focus of our activities. During this period InvoiceMate took every stage to voice the message of financial inclusion through invoice financing.

Partnerships & Alliances

Financing Partners

Zindagi by JS Bank

Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited

Strategic Partners

Parker Russel AJS

BCP Labs








Pathfinder Group


Q1 – 2023 Roundup

Future Fest – Islamabad, Pakistan

invoiceMate is enabling financial inclusion in Pakistan


Mobilink Microfinance Bank

Zindigi by JS


4th Financial Crime Summit – Karachi, Pakistan

The Future Summit 6th Edition – Karachi, Pakistan

Meeting with Honorable Minister Dr. Musadik Malik

InvoiceMate Meet & Greet

InvoiceMate Meet & Greet Karachi

Visit Pathfinder Group HQ

InvoiceMate visits Pathfinder groups head office

Visit to HBL Digital Innovation Center

Team InvoiceMate visited HBL Digital Innovation Center

Visit to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Team InvoiceMate visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Visit to ICCI

Visit to Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industries

InvoiceMate visit Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry

The UAE advisor visited FPCCI for a meeting with the business community

Visit to NIC

Team Invoicemate visits National Incubation Center

Day Out and Cricket Match



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Polish startup DoxyChain scores €2.2 million to create new security standards for documents

DoxyChain is building a solution to shake up document management, making it more secure and fit for the web3 world. The Polish startup has just landed €2.2 million to supercharge its growth. 

While document management might not immediately jump out as an area with interesting tech developments and innovation – it’s actually an area that has been in need of some digitalisation. Documents store valuable data that needs to be recorded and held securely, and companies, especially with the dawn of the web3 era, are increasingly looking for modern solutions.

Enter DoxyChain – a Polish startup creating a blockchain infrastructure for document management executed by smart contracts, with APIs for major enterprise applications and other blockchains.

Fresh funding to grow

The startup, which back in 2021 we reckoned was one to watch, has just raised €2.2 million from international investors.

The seed round was led by Level2 Ventures, a VC fund established by Adam Rudowski and Piotr Pawłowski. Other investors included CV VC, a Swiss VC fund specializing in blockchain companies, Polish Satus Starter, and a German family group of companies: Müller Medien.

The capital from investors will support further product development, team growth and foreign expansion – to the European and US markets.

Piotr Żelazko, CTO and Co-founder of DoxyChain: “We are now launching two new SaaS features. Working on our SaaS layer, we have observed that the scope of the use-cases is so broad that we cannot cover them all one by one. Instead, we can do better: we can build a modular infrastructure that allows our clients to develop their own tailored advanced workflows and use cases on top of it. Such an infrastructure will be our Seed milestone.”

New security standard for document management

Founded in 2019, DoxyChain’s digital contract management system records information securely in the blockchain. Once recorded, the data can’t be changed. Further, it’s only possible to update the data incrementally, giving a complete history of changes made. DoxyChain’s cloud-based storage system enables teams to manage documents simultaneously and access the platform via mobile devices easily.

Adam Rudowski, co-founder of Level2 Ventures fund: “The main economic value relies on process automation with smart contracts. Instead of building costly blockchain foundations software developers will focus on improving processes and user interfaces, leaving entire decentralization and automation to DoxyChain. Level2 Ventures is one of the first investors in the company. We strongly believe in the competencies of the management team and the technology they have created.”

The young startup is aiming to become a natural bridge between legacy Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, creating a new standard for security in document management. Until DoxyCHian, entities who wanted to use blockchain technology for documents had to build separate departments to create interdisciplinary teams comprising engineers, lawyers specializing in dispersed systems, developers, and persons in charge of compliance. DoxyChain will speed up those processes.

Looking to the next steps, Gabriel Dymowski, CEO and Co-founder of DoxyChain said: “In October, we are launching DoxyCert and DoxyConnect. DoxyCert is a toolkit that allows clients to issue blockchain certificates, also as NFTs, which will be used as undeniable proof of authenticity or ownership. A certificate is a specific type of a document that requires the highest level of security and transparency throughout its life cycle. The second major platform feature is DoxyConnect, which will serve like a data room. Built on the blockchain, it lets the parties of a document exchange transact in a secure and easy way never seen before.”

David Long, Director of CV VC added: “At CV VC, our mission is to identify the most promising minds, precursors, pioneers, and individuals who have successfully used the potential offered by blockchain. The DoxyChain team understands what it takes to build infrastructure between the old web 2.0 and web 3.0 with respect to document management. Its blockchain infrastructure allows true interoperability in web 3.0 and is also compatible with various existing web 2.0 solutions. Owing to this, DoxyChain can scale and implement smart contracts at corporations.”

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BCP Labs @WebSummit 2022

Meet & Greet our portfolio companies and Berlin ecosystem friends. Ping us if you want to talk to:
– OpenQ permissionless bounty platform – CEO Riccardo Lamanna
– DoxyChain Documents on blockchain – CEO Gabriel Dymowski
– CFO Christoph Iwaniez – digital banking
– yooba NFT cold wallet – CEO Lukas Weniger
– Makkah One digital pilgrim marketplace – Co-Founder Saad Salman

Also, we look forward to reconnecting with fantastic global experts we have been working with already such as 🔵Tilo Bonow 博蒂洛 , Marco CalicchiaMuhammad Salman AnjumJulian LeitloffLena Hannah Nussbaum, and many many others from the web3 space.

Congrats 👏 Our venture OpenQ is partner @ethereumDenver to distribute the hackathon prizes this year.
Great win 🏆 Thx to Riccardo Lamanna + Team OpenQ