Decentralized Autonomous Organization


A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a decentralized organization run by rules encoded as computer programs on a blockchain network. It operates on a set of rules encoded as smart contracts and is governed by its token holders.

Fundraising with a DAO involves the creation of a decentralized organization that can receive funds through the sale of its tokens. The raised funds can then be used to support the organization’s goals and initiatives.

Benefits of using a DAO for fundraising include:

Decentralization: DAOs operate without the need for intermediaries, making the fundraising process more transparent and decentralized.

Community ownership: DAOs are owned and governed by their token holders, providing a sense of community ownership and allowing for collective decision-making.

Flexibility: DAOs can be designed to adapt to changing circumstances and evolve over time, making them a flexible fundraising solution.

Transparency: All transactions within a DAO are recorded on a public blockchain, providing a high level of transparency in the fundraising process.