Recent Successes of DoxyChain: The Future of Document Management on the Blockchain

CV VC’s portfolio of blockchain startups is showcasing that blockchain is more than just speculation. Our 35+ portfolio startups all show the utility of their blockchain use cases, including DoxyChain, Pravica, Blocksport, and Revix. Here are their recent successes: 👉 Self Sovereign Identity – Vereign AG | Verifiable and Sovereign is working with DAASI International on the @Gaia-X project to build an SSI ecosystem to drive the European data economy of tomorrow. Their tokenized shares recently became available on Aktionariat AG. 👉 Work 3.0, The New Era – DoxyChain announced a €2.2m raise to become the first-choice blockchain infrastructure for document management connecting Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Pravica, the Web3-based messaging app for both individuals and enterprises announces the launch of its most recent version, Pravica CLUB. 👉 The future of sports engagement – Blocksport is shaping the future for sports fans and has added Kenya’s Rugby Union and the Bulgarian Football Federation 👉 Modern Day Investing – Revix, a gamified investment platform for the everyday investor and professional investors alike, has designed and integrated an anti-money laundering compliance system and is currently partnering with Africa’s largest bank – in the issuance of thematic Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) to be listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). CV VC’s portfolio of blockchain startups can be found at Find out how to invest in early-stage blockchain startups alongside CV VC with our Venture Capital T4T AMC: Mathias Ruch, Olaf Hannemann, Florian Kohler, Ruth Salvisberg, Lukas Etter, Julien P., Danny Rowshandel, David Long, Bastian Wetzel, Sita Chopra, Tracy Trachsler, Nicolai Reinbold, Fabiola Luna Huerta 鲁娜, Janis Aguilar, Loris Di Minico, Isabel Verheggen, Triona Mc Hale, Pascal Ihle, Wesley Patrick, Claire Millward, Gideon Greaves, Brenton Naicker, Stacey Rethman, Ulrike Lierow-Schad #blockchain #blockchaincommunity #ecosystem #crypto #cryptovalley #vc #venturecapital #startups #networking #funding #seedfunding #seedcapital #invest #investment



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