Kill your dev team backlogs with smart contracts

OpenQ is a Web3 workflow of the future. Our builder’s hub for devs. Connect GitHub issues with smart contracts to create simple tickets. The developer will either apply for the task or directly get to work.

500 years of desi culture into the metaverse

The Desiverse DAO is a digital gaming item brand, but what does Desi mean?
A slang used to identify the people of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. You get a glimpse of our culture – for the very first time as digital gaming assets in web3.

Digital Twin - Phygital Fashion Collection

Yes My Love is a sustainable woman’s apparel brand from Berlin. By launching its 1st phygital bag equipped with a digital twin, the brand wins exponential global awareness. Phygital fashion is also a strong community driver, creating smart digital experiences with your customer and fan base.

Next level digital certificates as NFT's

Doxychain revolutionizes document management with 2-factor time stamps on the blockchain. Next-level easy-to-use web3 SaaS solution for signing documents, digital certification, and file storage management.

Equity-free fundraising with Security Tokens

HYGH digitizes the city display by display with Digital-out-of-home technology. With 1600+ Screens they reach 19 Mio views a week in Germany. In 2019, Hygh raised 8+ Mio EUR in equity-free fundraising via a regulated Security Token Offering in Switzerland.

Invoice factoring for emerging markets

Invoicemate brings instant cash from invoices for SME’s in emerging markets in MENA. The 1st product launch starts in cooperation with the Zindigi Bank in Pakistan in 2023. Invoice management unicorn on the blockchain

DASH DAO since 2015

The cryptocurrency DASH is build to be digital Cash. It is run by the DAO, the decentralized autonomous organization. Here Masternodes have governance and decide in a democratic system about strategy, projects to be funded and product development.

The Web3 Founders Club

The decentralized salon in Berlin is an event initiative, which seeks to connect like-minded founders, investors, and entrepreneurs ready to build companies on blockchain. You can the club by owning one of the a membership NFT’s.